Authoritative HAZOP Facilitator, SIL Assessment, or help with IEC61511 we are more than capable and keen to assist

Primary Services

HAZOP facilitator

SIL Facilitator, SIL Chairman for SIL Assessment

This SIL assessment or SIL classification.We can provide a SIL Facilitator/Chairperson, using the methodology to suit i.e. Layer of protection analysis (LOPA), Risk Graph, etc.

HAZOP Facilitator, HAZOP Chairman

We can provide a HAZOP Facilitator/Chairperson


Other Services


SIL Verification

We can verify all SIFs SIL classification using exSILentia, simplified equations, fault tree analysis (FTA), etc.


Safety Requirement Specification

We have written many – see our Client List


Functional Safety Life Cycle Planning

We can assist you through the IEC61511 lifecycle planning.

Bespoke Training

We can tailor training contact to meet your specific needs. Instrumentation, Functional Safety and HAZOP training (see our Client List for ABS).

Writing IEC61511 procedures

We can write your IEC61511 lifecycle procedures – see our Client List for Gate, HGE and NG

Advise on proof testing

We can advise on best practices for proof testing.